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In this short segment you will learn what makes certain stories and movies so OUTRAGEOUSLY EXCEPTIONAL!

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Yes I Want This!

Hey Mitch! OMG, absolutely fabulous material. I've read almost all the books and done many courses and this stuff is gold! (I'm doing a lot of unlearning at the moment.) That idea of the start of the story being the blowing up of the (bleep) is genius. Thanks for doing what you do."

Kathy Keats

Your Storytelling Potential

Dear Mitch. I am in awe. I feel as though I have been catapulted into a new realm. Over some months I have struggled with my story, but by attending your webinars (some on replay) it is as though I have received a massive intravenous infusion of INSIGHT. Thank you.

Stuart Ungar

Your Storytelling Potential

"Amazing piece of work you have developed. Your worksheets, your unique method of thinking about the A-Story and B-story and how subplots enrich both storylines, and the crystalline way of approaching the theme is the most helpful advice I've ever received."

Allan Cram

Your Storytelling Potential

Describing how a finished story works is not the same as providing guidance for how to make a working story. Seeing how this is done by taking the bits and pieces that are not yet a story and slowing turning those bits and pieces into a story is what makes your course worthwhile."

Laurence Starn

Your Storytelling Potential

“It's finally starting to sink in. Your course continues to help me focus and arrange the many puzzle pieces of the screenplay which I couldn't do before. It really helps and gives me a better pathway to keep developing my story. I am very excited about my screenplay thanks to your guidance.

Hope Vinitsky

Your Storytelling Potential

"It's starting to click! The A and B story idea is starting to make sense. Thanks for this great course. It really opens up my understanding of how things work together."

Timothy Hicks

Your Storytelling Potential

“I never really liked Good Will Hunting when I first saw it -- but you sure brought it alive! You've done that with all the movies you've featured. It's been fascinating. I love your enthusiasm for this. This concept of A and B story is fascinating -- and I intend to master it in my own writing!"

Tracy Cheney

Your Storytelling Potential

“I love stories, especially thoughtful, interlaced ones but I never understood a story's depth until I came across your presentations. Listening to you, interacting with participants, has been the capstone of my re-awakened desire to write fulfilling stories. I now have all the storytelling tools that are required.

Ozzie Logozzo

Your Storytelling Potential

"Just wanted to express my thorough enjoyment of your class talking about the duality of storytelling. Your unique insights are allowing me to both tackle new ideas with more confidence and empowering me to crack the mystery of existing script problems with enhanced clarity."

Vanessa Burt

Your Storytelling Potential

Absolutely LOVED yesterday’s session, especially, especially, especially at the 1 hour mark. The only ‘learning’ I’ve done where I never felt frustrated and like I wasted my time was your courses. So thank you. I’m very excited to see where this course will take me now. "

Patti Dansereau

Your Storytelling Potential

Just finished listening to Live Session #16. I loved it. I loved all of it. Your discussion of the Cause to a Cause for both the A & B-stories is terrific. But what I really loved was what you had to say about the Proximate Cause Character and the Underlying Cause Character. Thanks again for your remarkable seminar. 

Blake Thomas

Your Storytelling Potential

“The way you think about story is better than anyone else out there. And I think the new material and how you think about the interplay between A and B stories and Theme is off the charts helpful. I’m finding this way of thinking of story mind-opening. So much easier to break story this way!"

Zeke Farrow

Your Storytelling Potential

The Only Story Building Seminar & Workshop That Will Teach You All This...

What Will You Learn If You Enroll In Your Storytelling Potential?

How To Create Characters

Finally understand how to create deep and relevant three-dimensional characters that are perfect for your stories.

How To Build Multiple Plot Stories

By the end of the first session, you will clearly understand that great stories are the convergence of TWO STORYLINES.

How To Integrate Relevant Themes

Within a few sessions you will understand the actual role of Themes in great stories, and how to use Themes in your own work.

How To Build Layers and Subplots

The key to writing great novels and screenplays is knowing how construct an A-Story converging with a B-Story.

How To Use the Simple Story Timeline

By the end of the workshop, you will have a complete understanding of correct story structure.

How To Triangulate Your Stories

Learn a powerful exercise that ensures that your characters have a proper Theme influenced transformation.

Work With An Expert Story Mentor

During the workshop, you'll be able to work directly with Mitchell German during group sessions and/or privately, one-on-one.

How To Outline And Write Your Drafts

By the completion of the workshop, you could finish your entire story outline, and maybe even a first draft.

Your Storytelling Potential

(Live Online Seminar & Workshop)

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    Your Questions Regarding Your Storytelling Potential Answered

  • What Happens After I Sign Up?

  • Immediately upon completion of your registration, you will be redirected to a Welcome Video in which you will be taught a unique, powerful (and humbling) story building exercise that will reveal what is truly at stake for EVERY character in your story(ies), including characters such as the antagonist. Then within 15 minutes you should receive a Welcome Email confirming your successful enrollment, if you don't receive any emails, please check your spam folder. 

  • How Do I Get Access To The Workshop After I Sign Up?

  • You will receive access to the entire recorded version of the course immediately upon completion of your registration. To access the recording you login here: https://ysp.groovemember.net/login. You will also have access to any of the ongoing Live Sessions (See Below).  

  • When Does The Live Workshop Start?

  • Currently there is no ongoing live workshop. The next live workshop is tentatively scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2022. All registered users will be invited to attend live sessions when they begin (this includes you).   

  • When Are The Actual Workshop Sessions & How Do I Attend The Live Sessions?

  • All live sessions are hosted online by Zoom. Typically Live Sessions are held on Sundays at 11AM Eastern Time and on Wednesdays in the afternoon at 4 PM Eastern Time. In terms of accessing the Live Sessions, a Zoom Link will be sent to participants one day in advance (as well as a reminder 1 hour prior).

  • Do I Need To Attend Live & What If I Can't Make A Live Session, How Long Will I Have Access To The Recordings?

  • Live participation is NOT required. All live seminar (Sundays Live) and workshop (Wednesdays Live) sessions are recorded, and posted online in a secure portal within 48 hours. The recordings from the live sessions will be available for you to access on your own time and you will have access to the content indefinitely. Private one-on-one sessions are also recorded, but due to the confidential nature of these sessions, they are NOT posted online, rather, individuals can get access to their private recorded sessions by request.

  • How Do I Schedule My Private Consultation?

  • If your purchased qualifies, once the workshop begins, you will receive a link to an online scheduling platform with available times and dates. You will be able to schedule a 30 minute session during the course of the workshop. You can schedule unused consulting time up to one full year from the start of the workshop.

  • Are There Other Payment Options Or Student Loan Programs?

  • Payments for the Your Storytelling Potential can be made using a credit card, bank card or PayPal. We also provide payment plan options. We do not provide any loans for this workshop, rather we intentionally keep the price low enough that most people should be able to afford it or finance it themselves using a credit card. There is also an option to use PayPal financing, which allows you to pay in full now, but make payments for up to six months. If you need assistance or an alternate payment plan, please contact us at: [email protected]

  • How Do I Claim My Free Bonus Software (Plot Control 4.0 & Chapter Control 4.0) and book?

  • Upon completion of registration, you will also be entitled to access Plot Control 4.0 and Chapter Control 4.0. Typically, within 15 minutes of your registration, you will receive instructions on how to access your software, as well as special training that you will be able to watch immediately. You will also receive a download link for a PDF copy of the book.

  • What If I Decide To Back Out Of The Workshop, Can I Get My Money Back?

  • This online workshop comes with a 15-Day Money Back Guarantee*. From the date of your registration you will have 15-Days to request a full refund. (*After you have watched the first training session, whether live or recorded, if you want a refund at that time, you must request it within 48 hours, assuming you are still within the 15-Day Refund Period.)

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