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Your Storytelling Potential: The Underground Guide To Finally Writing A Great Screenplay or Novel

Learn How To Turn Your Story Ideas Into Novels and Screenplays With Genuine Layers & Depth


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    The truth about great storytelling is hidden in plain view for anyone to see, but nearly EVERY EXPERT ignores the most basic story construct. If you want to write GREAT STORIES, you must understand these three essential storytelling rules:

    A/B Parallel Structure

    The most basic trait that every great story has in common is that they always have Two Converging Stories. In fact, the "premise" of great stories is created by this very convergence. 

    Thematic Relevance

    Nearly every story "expert" teaches that Theme creates the "message" of a story, this is horrible information that is just flat out wrong. In all great stories, Theme links the A-Story to the B-Story.

    Simple Story Timeline

    The linear graphs used by nearly every "expert" are flat & two dimensional graphs, based on only one storyline. Structure in all great stories follows a predictable pattern of multiple interwoven stories

    Chapters and Contents

    Absolutely Essential Information About Stories You MUST Know

    That NO ONE Else is Teaching!

  • Chapter 1: Hidden, Revealed & Unknown 

  • Chapter 2: The Beginning Is Not The Beginning

  • Chapter 3: Theme: The Conceptual War

  • Chapter 4: Three-Branch Reasons & Thematic Connections

  • Chapter 5: A Journey Of Mind: Logic, Despair, Clarity

  • Chapter 6: Structural Connection Points

  • Chapter 7: Twelve Core Elements

  • Chapter 8: The Theory of Subplot Relativity

  • Chapter 9: The Simple Story Timeline

  • Chapter 10: Characters As Cause

  • Chapter 11: Your Revealed Storytelling Potential

  • Includes FREE Essential Story Building Worksheets:

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    The way you think about story is better than anyone else out there. And I think the new material and how you think about the interplay between A and B stories and Theme is off the charts helpful. I’m finding this way of thinking of story mind-opening. So much easier to break story this way!"

    Zeke Farrow

    Your Storytelling Potential

    “It's finally starting to sink in. Your course continues to help me focus and arrange the many puzzle pieces of the screenplay which I couldn't do before. It really helps and gives me a better pathway to keep developing my story. I am very excited about my screenplay thanks to your guidance.

    Hope Vinitsky

    Your Storytelling Potential

    "Amazing piece of work you have developed. Your worksheets, your unique method of thinking about the A-Story and B-story and how subplots enrich both storylines, and the crystalline way of approaching the theme is the most helpful advice I've ever received."

    Allan Cram

    Your Storytelling Potential

    This material is incredible! And I've read almost all the books and done many courses and this stuff is gold! (I'm doing a lot of unlearning at the moment.) The idea of the start of the story being the blowing up of the (bleep) is genius."

    Kathy Keats

    Your Storytelling Potential

    “The only ‘learning’ I’ve done where I never felt frustrated and like I wasted my time was your material. So thank you. I’m very excited to see where this will take me now.”

    Patti Dansereau

    Your Storytelling Potential

    "Your discussion of the Cause to a Cause for both the A & B-stories is terrific. But what I really loved was what you had to say about the Proximate Cause Character and the Underlying Cause Character."

    Blake Thomas

    Your Storytelling Potential

    “I never really liked Good Will Hunting when I first saw it -- but you sure brought it alive! You've done that with all the movies you've featured. It's been fascinating. I love your enthusiasm for this. This concept of A and B story is fascinating -- and I intend to master it in my own writing!"

    Tracy Cheney

    Your Storytelling Potential

    “Already it's clearer what my problem is and what everyone's problem is! There's been this nagging pain for all these years that says there's still something missing even though I've read about it obsessively and tried out so many different techniques. It does feel like a veil has been lifted, so I'm thrilled I'm doing this.”

    Vinny Murphy

    Your Storytelling Potential

    "Just wanted to express my thorough enjoyment of your class talking about the duality of storytelling. Your unique insights are allowing me to both tackle new ideas with more confidence and empowering me to crack the mystery of existing script problems with enhanced clarity."

    Vanessa Burt

    Your Storytelling Potential

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