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In the next 30 MINUTES you will learn how to achieve MORE with your writing in the next 90 days, than you have over the last THREE DECADES!

Amplify your storytelling mastery with AI: Utilize the innovative 'Your Storytelling Potential Method' in combination with cutting-edge AI technology. This synergy accelerates your ability to craft deeply engaging, emotionally resonant narratives, leveraging AI's analytical prowess to refine and enhance every element of your story. Experience a transformative approach to storytelling where human creativity meets AI efficiency, leading to richer, more compelling stories crafted faster and with greater insight.


"I’m inspired by this unique perspective for analyzing story structure. It makes so much more sense than any other model I’ve seen. Totally worth the money. I feel I got a good deal." -Dimitra Clark

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Transform Your Writing With A.I.A.

"Artificial Intelligence Assistant"

Taught By Mitchell German

Proper Understanding Of Great Storytelling AND How To Use A.I. To Create INCREDIBLE STORIES!!

  • Complete understanding of the IDENTIFIABLE TRAITS great novels and screenplays (namely movies) have in common that distinguish them from the other 99.99% of books and screenplays that are written every year. 

  • Learn how to use TWO STORIES in all of your own screenplays and novels, and exponentially increase the chances of your stories getting recognized.

  • Gain a proper understanding of the critical and essential role of SUBPLOTS in great stories in order to create genuine character depth and relationships.

  • Master the actual ROLE OF THEME in stories and how to properly integrate a THEME into your own work so that your stories convey deep, relevant and amazing ideas. 

  • Utilize A/B PARALLEL STORY STRUCTURE and the SIMPLE STORY TIMELINE to build four-dimensional and well-layered stories with the required converging events of the A-Story/B-Story relationship.

  • Acquire deep insights about how the Actual Premise Of Nearly Every Great Story is created by the convergence of the A & B Storylines, and how this KEY INFORMATION can unlock Your Own Storytelling Potential!

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    • "I have to tell you, it’s fantastic. Now when I watch movies or read any scripts, it’s like immediately my mind starts thinking the A, the B. They should have worked harder on the B. The B isn’t causing the A. This would be so easy to fix. It’s pretty astounding. The information is incredible. It’s something that once you start to process and really understand, you can’t unsee it."

      Zeke Farrow - Your Storytelling Potential

    Turn Your Story Ideas Into Novels and Screenplays With Genuine Layers & Depth

    The truth about great storytelling is hidden in plain view for anyone to see, but nearly EVERY EXPERT ignores the most basic story construct. If you want to write GREAT STORIES, you must understand these three essential storytelling rules:

    A/B Parallel Structure

    The most basic trait that every great story has in common is that they always have Two Converging Stories. In fact, the "premise" of great stories is created by this very convergence. 

    Thematic Relevance

    Nearly every story "expert" teaches that Theme creates the "message" of a story, this is horrible information that is just flat out wrong. In all great stories, Theme links the A-Story to the B-Story.

    Simple Story Timeline

    The linear graphs used by nearly every "expert" are flat & two dimensional graphs, based on only one storyline. Structure in all great stories follows a predictable pattern of multiple interwoven stories

    If you join Your Storytelling Potential, you also get a copy of "Your Storytelling Potential: The Underground Guide To Finally Writing A Great Screenplay or Novel"

  • Chapter 1: Hidden, Revealed & Unknown 

  • Chapter 2: The Beginning Is Not The Beginning

  • Chapter 3: Theme: The Conceptual War 

  • Chapter 4: Three-Branch Reasons & Thematic Connections

  • Chapter 5: A Journey Of Mind: Logic, Despair, Clarity 

  • Chapter 6: Structural Connection Points

  • Chapter 7: Twelve Core Elements 

  • Chapter 8: The Theory of Subplot Relativity

  • Chapter 9: The Simple Story Timeline

  • Chapter 10: Characters As Cause

  • Chapter 11: Your Revealed Storytelling Potential 

  • This authoritative guide reveals the deepest secrets about why stories work (and why all the other "experts" are simply wrong).

    "Already it's clearer what my problem is and what everyone's problem is! There's been this nagging pain for all these years that says there's still something missing even though I've read about it obsessively and tried out so many different techniques. It does feel like a veil has been lifted, so I'm thrilled I'm doing this. Like most things that are really great, it seems so simple when someone finally draws the curtain back and shows what's actually going on! (Brilliant, brilliant stuff, Mitch.)"

    Vinnie Murphy-Your Storytelling Potential

    Before Attending Your Storytelling Potential:

    Most writers, even seasoned professionals, fail to use a process that delivers consistent results, instead the results are consistently disappointing.

  • Flat, two-dimensional stories

  • Constant "Writers Block" 

  • Predictable outcomes 

  • Constant rejections and rewrites

  • After Attending Your Storytelling Potential:

    By understanding the specific traits that ALL great stories have in common, writers can use an easy to follow step-by-step process that delivers great stories.

  • Well thought-out, deep, relevant and meaningful stories.

  • Properly integrated subplots and themes.

  • Amazingly complex and rich characters and dialogue.

  • Story recognition, fan followings, bidding wars... and just an overall feeling of satisfaction with your own work. 

  • Charlatans Are Everywhere!

    Unfortunately there is a seemingly unlimited amount of bad information about storytelling available. Making the situation worse, most of the bad story information is being taught by "story experts", authoritative websites, books teaching story theories that are total b.s., software that is just downright awful, and extremely expensive consultants who don't know what they're talking about.

    You have two choices, continue to follow all the other "experts" who , more often than not, just copy each other and regurgitate all the same incomplete (or sometimes totally incorrect) information about storytelling, or you jumpstart Your Own Storytelling Potential.

    If you join this workshop you will learn so much about how stories ACTUALLY work and what makes the great stories standout. You will be able to use the information you gain and apply it immediately to your own novels and screenplays.

    FACT: We know of NOT ONE "expert" who teaches subplots correctly.

    FACT: Nearly every "expert" explains that theme creates a message for a story, this is TOTALLY WRONG. Theme functions as "glue" holding multiple storylines together. 

    FACT: Nearly every single story "expert" draws story structure & progression as a flat, two-dimensional timeline. These timelines will only produce FLAT & TWO-DIMENSIONAL stories.

    The results are clear... 99.99% of storytellers, novelists and screenwriters fail to write stories that have layers, depth, thematic expression, or relevant & complex characters. In fact, most writers fail to ever finish anything.


    This workshop will show you what makes the GREAT STORIES GREAT, and once you understand the difference, a world of possibilities will be open to you and Your Own Extraordinary Writing Potential.

    Don't Take Our Word For It, After All We're Biased, But These People Aren't:

    Your Storytelling Potential

    (Live Online Seminar & Workshop)

    • Ten Week Intensive Online Seminar & Writing Workshop

    • Every Week (Sunday Live) One Live/Recorded Training Session

    • Every Week (Wednesday Live) One Live/Recorded Group Session

    • 1 Hour of Personal One-on-One Time

    • Unlimited Replays / Lifetime Access

    • Plot Control 4.0 & Chapter Control 4.0 Software Premium Versions

    • The Book "Your Storytelling Potential: The Underground Guide"

    Full Retail Price: $1500

    Limited Time Registration:

    Only $1.00 Per Day For One Year!

  • Your transactions are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

  • Spots Are Limited.

    Thanks for accommodating me during your presentation related to the breakdown of Good Will Hunting, utilizing your revised program, now referred to as “Your Story Telling Potential”. As you are aware, I have been in the film and television industry for more than 45 years and as a producer I have produced more than 1,500 hours of broadcast material. The last 6 years I have been concentrating primarily on drama script development. It’s refreshing to note that you aren’t hesitant to re-engineer your program to a level where you are taking on certain longstanding and inculcated script and story development ideas, that will without any doubt, raise the eyebrows of the scriptwriting and production fraternity. Your emphasis is not about rearranging the existing model as most new approaches are, it’s something new and different. I’m looking forward to the session related to television series development in a couple of weeks.

    Piet Marais, Nu-Script Productions - Your Storytelling Potential

    Your Storytelling Potential Is For Anyone Who Works With Stories:









    Studio Execs



    And Many More...

    STOP STRUGGLING... If you are using the same process taught by all the "experts" you should expect typical results... A 99.99% Chance Of Failure.

    It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Storytelling Potential and Learn A Writing System That Will Set YOU Apart From All The Other Struggling Writers.

    A Letter From The Creator

    Over the past decade I’ve been fortunate to work with so many amazing writers, from household names to first time writers. I’m still amazed at how few writers truly understand stories, and what makes a story really special. 

    Unfortunately, not only do most aspiring (and professional) writers not understand what makes for a great story, but they also don’t have a process to work through the complex layers and thematic connections that are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED for any novel or screenplay.

    Most writers who come to me have shallow and disconnected story ideas based on the prevailing single storyline concept (that is taught by every single “expert” out there), which inevitably results in stories with no depth, no thematic layers, and nothing to carry stories through a second act to a meaningful climax and resolution.

    To make the situation worse, nearly every writer I have worked with has invested enormous amounts of time, energy, and in most cases, money (sometimes A LOT of money) reading books, watching videos, attending seminars, and sometimes even working with high priced consultants who don’t know what they're talking about.

    I’m excited to bring my knowledge of storytelling to those who want to learn what actually makes the great stories great, and who want to have a step-by-step system they can use to create stories with their Own Extraordinary Writing Potential.

    Mitchell German

    Creator of Your Storytelling Potential

    Hey Mitch! OMG, absolutely fabulous material. I've read almost all the books and done many courses and this stuff is gold! (I'm doing a lot of unlearning at the moment.) That idea of the start of the story being the blowing up of the (bleep) is genius. Thanks for doing what you do."

    Kathy Keats

    Your Storytelling Potential

    Dear Mitch. I am in awe. I feel as though I have been catapulted into a new realm. Over some months I have struggled with my story, but by attending your webinars (some on replay) it is as though I have received a massive intravenous infusion of INSIGHT. Thank you.

    Stuart Ungar

    Your Storytelling Potential

    "Amazing piece of work you have developed. Your worksheets, your unique method of thinking about the A-Story and B-story and how subplots enrich both storylines, and the crystalline way of approaching the theme is the most helpful advice I've ever received."

    Allan Cram

    Your Storytelling Potential

    Describing how a finished story works is not the same as providing guidance for how to make a working story. Seeing how this is done by taking the bits and pieces that are not yet a story and slowing turning those bits and pieces into a story is what makes your course worthwhile."

    Laurence Starn

    Your Storytelling Potential

    “It's finally starting to sink in. Your course continues to help me focus and arrange the many puzzle pieces of the screenplay which I couldn't do before. It really helps and gives me a better pathway to keep developing my story. I am very excited about my screenplay thanks to your guidance.

    Hope Vinitsky

    Your Storytelling Potential

    "It's starting to click! The A and B story idea is starting to make sense. Thanks for this great course. It really opens up my understanding of how things work together."

    Timothy Hicks

    Your Storytelling Potential

    “I never really liked Good Will Hunting when I first saw it -- but you sure brought it alive! You've done that with all the movies you've featured. It's been fascinating. I love your enthusiasm for this. This concept of A and B story is fascinating -- and I intend to master it in my own writing!"

    Tracy Cheney

    Your Storytelling Potential

    “I love stories, especially thoughtful, interlaced ones but I never understood a story's depth until I came across your presentations. Listening to you, interacting with participants, has been the capstone of my re-awakened desire to write fulfilling stories. I now have all the storytelling tools that are required.

    Ozzie Logozzo

    Your Storytelling Potential

    "Just wanted to express my thorough enjoyment of your class talking about the duality of storytelling. Your unique insights are allowing me to both tackle new ideas with more confidence and empowering me to crack the mystery of existing script problems with enhanced clarity."

    Vanessa Burt

    Your Storytelling Potential

    Absolutely LOVED yesterday’s session, especially, especially, especially at the 1 hour mark. The only ‘learning’ I’ve done where I never felt frustrated and like I wasted my time was your courses. So thank you. I’m very excited to see where this course will take me now. "

    Patti Dansereau

    Your Storytelling Potential

    Just finished listening to Live Session #16. I loved it. I loved all of it. Your discussion of the Cause to a Cause for both the A & B-stories is terrific. But what I really loved was what you had to say about the Proximate Cause Character and the Underlying Cause Character. Thanks again for your remarkable seminar. 

    Blake Thomas

    Your Storytelling Potential

    “The way you think about story is better than anyone else out there. And I think the new material and how you think about the interplay between A and B stories and Theme is off the charts helpful. I’m finding this way of thinking of story mind-opening. So much easier to break story this way!"

    Zeke Farrow

    Your Storytelling Potential

    The Only Story Building Seminar & Workshop That Will Teach You All This...

    What Will You Learn If You Enroll In Your Storytelling Potential?

    How To Create Characters

    Finally understand how to create deep and relevant three-dimensional characters that are perfect for your stories.

    How To Build Multiple Plot Stories

    By the end of the first session, you will clearly understand that great stories are the convergence of TWO STORYLINES.

    How To Integrate Relevant Themes

    Within a few sessions you will understand the actual role of Themes in great stories, and how to use Themes in your own work.

    How To Build Layers and Subplots

    The key to writing great novels and screenplays is knowing how construct an A-Story converging with a B-Story.

    How To Use the Simple Story Timeline

    By the end of the workshop, you will have a complete understanding of the A/B Parallel Story Structure.

    How To Triangulate Your Stories

    Learn a powerful exercise that ensures that your characters have a proper Theme influenced transformation.

    Work With An Expert Story Mentor

    During the workshop, you'll be able to work directly with Mitchell German during group sessions and/or privately, one-on-one.

    How To Outline And Write Your Drafts

    By the completion of the workshop, you could finish your entire story outline, and maybe even a first draft.

    Used By Professional Storytellers.

    See What The Pros Say:

    This story program is the most useful tool I have ever seen...

    They have developed a unique and extremely useful program to assist writers in developing a fool proof story. The best tool for helping map out a successful story.

    Rocky Lang, Producer/Director/Writer, White Squall (A Ridley Scott Film), Nervous Ticks, Titanic

    Structure is just done for you...

    Good story telling starts with good structure… and good structure starts with Plot Control. This software is like structure on steroids.  With Plot Control structure is just done for you. (Very Cool.)

    Andy Jenkins, Producer and Partner: Haxan Films

    I was able to re-craft the entire outline and get it to my Producers for approval.

    In fact, it was inspiring. I had been struggling with the 3rd act and putting off delivery, but with the help of this system it was like I plowed through a creative wall. 

    Steven Goldmann, DGA, DGC, Broken Bridges (Paramount), Trailer Park of Terror (Summit)

    I have never come across a system so intuitive to the writer’s needs....

    In the 15 years I’ve been writing for TV and film, I have never come across a system so intuitive to the writer’s needs. This is why movies used to be better than they are now. 

    Jeremy Miller, Writer/Producer: Entourage, Boston Public, We Are Marshall, Ghost of Girlfriends Past

    At a glance, I can view everything on one page pictorially...

    The way it’s organized, it forces you to fill in the information that makes your story more complete, while at the same time it simplifies the process, so you can keep your mind focused on storytelling. 

    Cindy Lichtman: Ally McBeal, The Practice

    Now I have all my ideas in one place, I can print an outline anytime...

    My family is sick of hearing me say how much I love this system, but it’s exciting to use something that forces me to focus on the story, plot, characters, subplots, theme. You’ve made a great product. I love you guys.

    Bettie Styurak, Creative Writer Software Client

    I recently bought a copy of your software, and I have to say it’s awesome...

    I finally have a concrete system for outlining. Up until now my spiral notebook of random ideas was my prewriting process, but I can now focus on the use of proper story structure.

    Ryan Binse, Creative Writer Software Client

    This program is definitely worth its weight in gold...

    Initially I thought, yeah, just another software I’ll buy and won’t use… but this program is definitely worth its weight in gold. Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable program.

    Kim Jacobs, Creative Writer Software Client

    We Have Over 20,000 Customers and Hundreds of Testimonials Just Like These:

    It's time for you to unlock Your Own Extraordinary Storytelling Potential... And it's actually quite simple.

    It all starts with taking the RIGHT STEP forward today.

    Here Are The 3 Primary Principles On Which Your Storytelling Potential Is Built

    Two Stories Create The Premise

    All great novels and screenplays are based on TWO STORIES converging. In fact, the very PREMISE of nearly all great novels and screenplays is a description of the convergence of the A-Story with the B-Story. (This is REALLY IMPORTANT, if you don't understand what this means, please watch the above video!)

    Two Thematic Ideas Create The "Glue"

    Theme in a great story is NOT a "message" for the audience and it's NOT the subject matter, rather Theme functions as a BINDING IDEA that links all of the converging storylines together, especially the A-Story and B-Storylines. You must understand the competing (and opposite) Thematic ideas presented by the A and B Storylines.

    The Simple Story Timeline

    Story structure is taught by nearly all "experts" using two dimensional graphs with vague terms, such as catalyst, inciting incident, plot points, midpoint, and "big twist" . Whereas, The Simple Story Timeline expresses the manner in which the A & B Storylines converge to create the actual story that is taking place in great novels or screenplays. The Simple Story Timeline uses clear terms that describe what is actually happening, such as: Problem or Opportunity, Complication, Failure or Journey, Success or Failure, Discovery and Reversal.

    Not Sure If It's Worth It?

    Think about everything you WILL NOT GET if you sign up...

    • You WILL NOT GET decades of lost time. Rather in just a FEW WEEKS you will have an entirely new and crystal clear understanding of great storytelling that you can use immediately. 

    • You WILL NOT GET get a $5000 bill for a Writer’s Program that will teach you the same old incomplete or incorrect crappy story theories that everyone else teaches.

    • You WILL NOT GET downright horrible information from a $10,000 coaching program working with someone who is WAAAY past their time (and also doesn't know what they're talking about).

    • You WILL NOT GET an $80,000 university tuition bill (or student loan) with NO Do-Overs! If you want to repeat a college course... YOU NEED TO PAY AGAIN!!

    Rather, you will learn exactly what makes the truly great stories stand out, and you will have a precise method and step-by-step process you can use with YOUR OWN AMAZING STORYTELLING POTENTIAL.

    Spots Are Limited.

    • Ten Week Intensive Online Seminar & Writing Workshop

    • Every Week (Sunday Live) One Live/Recorded Training Session

    • Every Week (Wednesday Live) One Live/Recorded Group Session

    • 1 Hour of Personal One-on-One Time

    • Unlimited Replays / Lifetime Access

    • Plot Control 4.0 & Chapter Control 4.0 Software Premium Versions

    • The Book "Your Storytelling Potential: The Underground Guide"

    Full Retail Price: $1500









    Limited Time Registration:

    Only $1.00 Per Day For One Year!

  • Your transactions are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

  • If you join Your Storytelling Potential, you also get Lifetime Access to both Plot Control (for writing movies worth $297) and Chapter Control (for writing novels worth $297).

    In this video, you can see the POWER of Plot Control & Chapter Control:

    Reserve Your Spot Today With A 100% Money Back Guarantee

    If You Register Today And Change Your Mind Within 15-Days We Will Provide You With A Full Refund*.

    *When you sign up for Your Storytelling Potential, you have 15 days to request a refund from the date of your registration or immediately after watching the first training session (live or recorded), whichever comes first.

    We have HUNDREDS of testimonials, but here's JUST ONE from someone who's eyes were opened:

    “I truly don't recall where I first encountered your products, first became aware of you. I believe it was Plot Control 2.0. I, too, have been through film school (not NYU, but a solid foundational program at SMU in Dallas). Like most aspiring screenwriters, I have a somewhat extensive library of screenwriting books. You're absolutely correct that each screenwriting teacher tries to bring their own spin on the material, but at the core of it, they all share the same view. They approach screen story construction in the same way: A-Story-down. They think about crafting the subplots to support the A-story. Theme sort of emerges as an afterthought from knowing your character intimately and what they do through the A-story. Having a tight script is great, and having it rich with integrated themes seems like a great goal. Assuming you can do it. So I'm revisiting the training for Plot Control. That leads me back to reviewing the Mega Course. (Here's what I'm writing to say):

    Brother, your method is genius. Really groundbreaking. 

    Your method isn't just a helpful group of exercises to assist a writer in brainstorming. It's literally reframing the way a story should be constructed, almost as though we've all been trying to paint pictures upside down, or, more accurately, trying to paint a picture by starting with the foreground-the featured object in the image, and then attempting to lay in the background around it to fit. When the best method is to work from the background to the foreground, start with the sky & the distant mountains. Build from that foundation forward. The last thing to paint is the featured tree or house or person riding that horse.

    Russell Phillips

    Plot Control & Mega Course Client

    Our Software


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  • How Do I Get Access To The Workshop After I Sign Up?

  • You will receive access to the entire recorded version of the course immediately upon completion of your registration. To access the recording you login here: https://ysp.groovemember.net/login. You will also have access to any of the ongoing Live Sessions (See Below).  

  • When Does The Live Workshop Start?

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  • Are There Other Payment Options Or Student Loan Programs?

  • Payments for the Your Storytelling Potential can be made using a credit card, bank card or PayPal. We also provide payment plan options. We do not provide any loans for this workshop, rather we intentionally keep the price low enough that most people should be able to afford it or finance it themselves using a credit card. There is also an option to use PayPal financing, which allows you to pay in full now, but make payments for up to six months. If you need assistance or an alternate payment plan, please contact us at: [email protected]

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  • What If I Decide To Back Out Of The Workshop, Can I Get My Money Back?

  • This online workshop comes with a 15-Day Money Back Guarantee*. From the date of your registration you will have 15-Days to request a full refund. (*After you have watched the first training session, whether live or recorded, if you want a refund at that time, you must request it within 48 hours, assuming you are still within the 15-Day Refund Period.)

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